If you run an internet business that sells goods online, then try iMail. Tailor-made for shipping small-sized goods, our B2C secure mailing solution takes care of the whole mailing process from mail preparation to delivery outside Hong Kong.

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Destination Over 200 destinations
Delivery speed Delivery of iMail to overseas destinations in 4 to 24 working days
Sundays and public holidays are excluded for the purpose of determining the date of posting or arrival in Hong Kong for all mail items and for performance measurement under the performance pledges.
Mail tracking Online track-and-trace information is available only for destinations where the local administration provides the required tracking information.
Signature service For most destinations, signature will be collected from addressee upon delivery
Certificate of Posting

For posting of iMail items, use barcode label and indicate it properly on the Certificate of Posting at the counter. If adhesive barcode label is used for posting of iMail items, enter or upload the barcode numbers onto EC-ship Online Portal when preparing shipping label(s) or posting online to correspond the actual mail item(s) to be posted.

For customer using EC-Ship Online Portal, download a Certificate of Posting from the platform within six months from the date of posting.

Remark: Do keep The Certificate of Posting safety until confirmation of delivery. For the delivery status, please lodge mail tracing enquiry to our Mail Tracing Hotline on 2921 2211 or complete the enquiry form (Pos28B) obtainable from Hongkong Post website or any post office.

In the case of damage or loss to a mail item, we will compensate with reference to the Universal Postal Convention and its Regulations. The maximum compensation amount is HK$320 plus the postage paid (but not include item handling fee). You may choose to purchase optional insurance for higher valued items by paying a premium of $2.8 per item with a maximum coverage of HK$1,000.

Prior to mail posting, customers can click here to check for the “Overseas Post - Service Information by Destination” of the Post Office Guide.


We've divided into three postal zones – according to local operation costs - to calculate the per-kg rate. Please refer to the Destination and Zone Chart for these zoning arrangements.

Zones Destinations Per-Kg Rate (HKD) (Note 1 & 2)
Zone 1
  • Asian countries (except Japan)
Zone 2
  • North American countries
  • Oceania countries
  • European countries (except Eastern European countries and Scandinavian countries)
  • Japan
Zone 3
  • All other destinations, mainly South American countries, African countries, Eastern European countries and Scandinavian countries

The corresponding local handling time is tabulated below:

Local handling time#
Non-peak period^Peak period^
within 2 working days within 4 working days

# No. of working days needed for despatching airmail (posted before the advertised latest time for posting) to the designated air carrier, subject to flight availability.

^ Non-peak period: April - October 2018 and March 2019; Peak period: November 2018 - February 2019.

Sundays and public holidays are excluded for the purpose of determining the date of posting or arrival in Hong Kong for all mail items and for performance measurement under the performance pledges.

How to use the serviceOpen/collapse

Mailing Supplies

  1. You can collect mail bags and bag labels for free at bulk acceptance offices. You can also buy other stationery at these acceptance offices or at ShopThruPost.

    If you choose to make your own labels, please refer to the table below for the specifications of self-adhesive labels for printing all-in-one address labels:

    Sheet Size : A4
    Label Size: 210mm(length) x 90mm(height)
    Label Per Sheet : 3
    Color : White
    We recommended printing shipping labels be with a laser printer for easy barcode scanning by HKP's computer system. We may not process the item further if we are unable to scan the barcode with the computer system during Item Acceptance.

Mail Preparation

  1. A permit number for this service shall appear on the top right-hand corner of the envelope. The designs of the impression (40mm wide by 20mm high) are as follows:

  2. All-in-one address labels including sender's and addressee's addresses, item barcode, permit number impression, customs declaration form (CN22/CN23) and air mail impression shall be printed through the EC-ship Online Portal and affixed onto the front cover of each item. Please print your address labels with a laser printer to ensure readability of the barcode.

    The design of the address label is as follows:


  1. Refer to the zonal indicator printed on the right-hand-side of the shipping label, and contain items in separate mail bags according to zones and destinations. A mailbag should only contain items of the same zone and the same destination.
  2. If items for certain destinations are not adequate to make up a separate bag, bundle them separately and put them into residual bag(s). To facilitate calculation of the postage charges, please ensure that each residual bag only contains items of the same zone.
  3. Complete and then print two copies of "Posting Statement of iMail Service" (Pos 487R) and one copy of "Certificate of Posting for iMail Service" (Pos 20 (iMail)) by using EC-ship Online Portal. If you do not require any copy of these documents, you can just print one copy of "Posting Statement of iMail Service" (Pos 487R) which is the Post Office Copy. Present them to our counter staff upon posting. Make sure to use a laser printer to print the posting forms in order to facilitate readability of the barcode.
  4. You should attach a bag label to each mail bag. Information that needs to be marked on the bag label includes the date of posting, the permit number, the zone and destination, the bag number, the weight of each bag and the number of items. Please indicate the zone (e.g. 'Z-2' for Zone 2) and circle it on the label.
  5. Note that:
    • Using address labels NOT generated online may lengthen the posting time and processing time required in case of compensation.
    • No item shall bear a non-Hong Kong return address.
    • No single item shall exceed 2kg.
    • All items are subject to the regulations set out in the Post Office Guide.

Preparation of Posting

Present mail with

After Posting

  1. We will upload to the EC-ship Online Portal an Acceptance Report for iMail Service containing the confirmed total weight, charges and details of the posting items, after successfully scanning by the processing centre of HKP. The Item Acceptance Report will be uploaded within 3 working days (non-peak periods) or 7 working days (peak periods) after the date of posting.
  2. Sundays and public holidays are excluded for the purpose of determining the date of posting or arrival in Hong Kong for all mail items and for performance measurement under the performance pledges.
  3. In the event the paid charges were to fall short of the confirmed charges, the sender shall make up the difference immediately. When the paid charges are in excess of the confirmed charges, the sender shall complete and submit an "iMail Service Refund Application" form to the Financial Services Division of HKP for refund.

Size and Weight LimitsOpen/collapse

- Letters, Printed Papers, Small Packets, Literature For The Blind.

Other than roll form Maximum: 900mm in length, width and depth combined; greatest dimension may not exceed 600mm.
Minimum: 90mm x 140mm.
Roll form Maximum: length plus twice the diameter 1,040mm, greatest dimension may not exceed 900mm.
Minimum: length plus twice the diameter 170mm, greatest dimension may not be less than 100mm.
Postcards Maximum: 120mm x 235mm.
Minimum: 90mm x 140mm.
Thickness: not less than 0.25mm.
Parcels Maximum: P: length 1.05m, length and girth combined 2m.
XP: length 1.50m, length and girth combined 3m; but for USA (including Puerto Rico): length 1.50m, length and girth combined 2.75m.
Minimum: same as small letters.

Where to post the itemsOpen/collapse

Hong Kong

Remark: General Post Office does not accept iMail posting on Sunday and Public Holidays.


New Territories

Outlying Islands

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