Bulk Air Mail service is your best option when you need to post large quantities of mail to overseas destinations. Our attractive rates substantially reduce your postage costs while our efficient service ensures prompt delivery.

The Bulk Air Mail service is available to over 90 destinations with a simple kilo rate structure. The posting requirement is at least 7 kg to the same destination for each mail bag in the same posting. You will be required to pre-sort your mail by destination or Office of Exchange, if applicable.

Value-Added Tracking Feature

You can select a free value-added tracking feature for your mail bags. This “Mail Bag Tracking Feature” provides two tracking information including “date of posting” and “date of departure” on bag level. Senders can check these two tracking data on EC-Ship online portal upon acceptance. The Bulk Air Mail Service with “Mail Bag Tracking Feature” is ordinary airmail in nature. It does not provide service features of mail tracing enquiry, acknowledge of receipt and compensation, which are applicable to iMail or registered airmail service in letter post mail.

Posting Terms and ConditionsOpen/collapse

Minimum Bag Weight

7kg per bag which contains mail items sent to the same destination or Office of Exchange in the same posting.

We will accept mail bags with weight below 7 kg but the postage will be levied as if the bag had a weight of 7 kg

Maximum Bag Weight Each bag: 30 kg
Maximum Item Weight Each item: 2 kg
Posting Method

Permit Mailing

A Permit Number shall appear on the top right-hand corner of the envelope. The impression (40mm wide by 20mm high) is shown below.

Permit Mailing impression

Please apply to the Postmaster General (Financial Services Division, Hongkong Post Headquarters, 2 Connaught Place, Hong Kong) for the permit mail service beforehand. Please click here to obtain the application forms for Bulk Air Mail service.

Customers should prepare “Bulk Postage Statement” on EC-Ship Online Portal before posting.

Permit mailing account on the posting statement and imprinted on mail items are used for identification as the same posting. For example, mail items sent in different consignments bearing the same permit mailing account will be counted as the same posting.

Payment Method

Permit Deposit Account, Cash, EPS or cheques (by prior arrangement with Financial Services Division)

For payment by Permit Deposit Account, customers should maintain sufficient deposit for immediate postage settlement upon posting.

Mail Segregation

Customers are required to segregate mail items by destination per bag; some destinations require mail segregation by Office of Exchange.

Customers are required to segregate mail items sent to India according to city (Office of Exchange). Please click here to see the details.

Individual Mail Item
  • The cover of individual items should bear
    • the full address of the recipient, including post codes (if applicable).
    • an airmail label or airmail indication.
  • Mail should not bear a non-Hong Kong return address or enclose mail sent on behalf of other senders in Hong Kong.
Bag Label

Upon posting, each mail bag has to be affixed with an individual bag label. Each bag label (Pos 4N13) must contain the following information:

  1. posting date;
  2. reference number of mail bag;
  3. total weight of mail bag;
  4. destination or Office of Exchange;
  5. affix 9 digit barcode label applicable to “Mail Bag Tracking Feature”;
  6. total number of mail items in each bag

Bag Label

Checking before Acceptance

Mail bag are subject to checking by Hongkong Post staff before acceptance. Mail bags not complying with BAM service posting Terms & Conditions would be returned to senders.

  1. Bag Weight
    • The postage payable will be final subject to actual bag weight shown on the electronic scale of Hongkong Post, destination of the mail bag and the prevailing postage rates.
  2. Destinations/Office of Exchange Segregation
    • Mail bags will be returned to customers if mail items are not properly and separately bagged-off according to destinations / Office of Exchange if applicable.

Delivery Standard


Code Destination Postage Rates
(HK $/kg)
AR Argentina 150
AM Armenia 155
AW Aruba 155
AT Austria 145
AZ Azerbaijan 140
BH Bahrain 120
BD Bangladesh 110
BY Belarus 170
BO Bolivia 170
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina 165
BR Brazil 145
BG Bulgaria 135
BI Burundi 140
KH Cambodia 115
CO Colombia 150
CG Congo (Rep.) 145
HR Croatia 155
CY Cyprus 145
CZ Czech Rep. 150
DJ Djibouti 170
DO Dominican Republic 155
EC Ecuador 160
EG Egypt 130
EE Estonia 165
ET Ethiopia 140
FJ Fiji 165
FI Finland 155
PF French Polynesia 165
GH Ghana 170
GR Greece 145
HU Hungary 140
IS Iceland 150
IN India^ 115
ID Indonesia 105
IR Iran 135
IE Ireland 155
JO Jordan 120
KZ Kazakhstan 155
KE Kenya 140
KR Korea, South 100
KW Kuwait 120
LV Latvia 175
LB Lebanon 140
LT Lithuania 165
LU Luxembourg 150
MK Macedonia 175
MG Madagascar 145
MY Malaysia 100
MV Maldives 110
ML Mali 185
MT Malta 145
MP Mariana Islands 110
MU Mauritius 140
MX Mexico 150
MD Moldova 155
ME Montenegro 165
MA Morocco 150
MZ Mozambique 150
MM Myanmar 110
NP Nepal 120
AN Netherlands Antilles 155
NG Nigeria 140
OM Oman 125
PK Pakistan 120
PA Panama 155
PG Papua New Guinea 165
PE Peru 150
PH Philippines 100
PL Poland 150
PT Portugal 160
QA Qatar 150
RE Reunion 140
RO Romania 140
SA Saudi Arabia 135
RS Serbia 135
SC Seychelles 140
SL Sierra Leone 185
SK Slovakia 150
SI Slovenia 165
ZA South Africa 135
LK Sri Lanka 115
SD Sudan 140
SR Suriname 185
TW Taiwan 95
TZ Tanzania (United Rep.) 145
TH Thailand 100
TG Togo 160
TR Turkey 135
UA Ukraine 160
AE United Arab Emirates 135
VE Venezuela (Bolivarian Rep.) 180
VN Viet Nam 100
ZM Zambia 155

^Customers are required to segregate mail items sent to India according to city (Office of Exchange) per bag. The minimum weight requirement of each bag is 7 kg.

The postage rates listed above cannot be applied to if the following conditions are met. The postage rates of bulk posting of lightweight mail items (air) should then be applied.

  1. Bulk posting of lightweight airmail items not exceeding 50 g sent to Croatia, Egypt, France, Germany, United Kingdom, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates or Viet Nam; AND
  2. Posting of 1,500 items or more per day, or 5,000 items or more over a 2-week period to addressees in the same destination by a single mailer.

How to use the serviceOpen/collapse

1. Apply to the Postmaster General (Financial Services Division, Hongkong Post Headquarters, 2 Connaught Place, Hong Kong) for the permit mail service beforehand.
2. Prepare the bulk posting statement on the “EC-Ship” online portal (ec-ship.hongkongpost.hk).
3. Collect postal stationery, i.e. mail bags and bag labels from the bulk acceptance offices to prepare mail for posting. Prior to selecting the free value-added “Mail Bag Tracking Feature”, senders should affix a 9 digit barcode label, which is available at bulk acceptance offices, onto the mail bag label (Pos 4N13) properly and input the barcode numbers into the EC-Ship Bulk Posting Statement. Alternatively, senders can generate mail bag label (Pos 4N13), which include the 9 digit barcode, via EC-Ship online portal.
4. Post your mail at a designated bulk acceptance office.
5. Make payment either through a Hongkong Post deposit account or in cash, EPS or cheques (by prior arrangement with Financial Services Division, Hongkong Post) at the time of posting.
6. A transaction summary receipt will be given to you after posting.

Where to post the itemsOpen/collapse

Please click here to see the list of bulk acceptance offices and their acceptance hours.

Frequently Asked QuestionsOpen/collapse

  1. Can I pay the fee to exempt from items sortation?