Which kind of bills are accepted?

Department / Organization Bill
Government Bills
Census & Statistics Department
  • Demand Notices for Recovery of Declaration Charge
Customs & Excise Department
  • Demand Notices for Recovery of Declaration Charge
Department of Health
  • Fixed penalty (Smoking Offences)*
  • Selected Licence
Environmental Protection Department
  • Environmental Protection Department Demand Notes
  • Plastic Shopping Bags (Fix Penalty)*
  • Motor Vehicle Idling (Fix Penalty)*
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
  • Market Stall Rent
  • Fixed Penalty for Public Cleanliness Offences*
  • Food and Environmental Hygiene Department Demand Note
Hong Kong Police Force
  • Fixed Penalty Tickets (Traffic Tickets)*
Inland Revenue Department
  • Tax Bills
  • Business Registration Fees
  • Tax Reserve Certificates
Lands Department
  • Government Rent
  • Land Premium
Rating and Valuation Department
  • Rates and / or Government Rent
Water Supplies Department
  • Water and Sewage Charges
  • Water Deposits
  • Trade Effluent Surcharges
  • Other WSD Demand Notes
Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency
  • Student Loan Repayment Demand Notes
Various Government Departments
  • Government General Demand Notes
Utility Bills
CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd
  • Electricity Bills
  • Deposit Bills
The Hongkong Electric Company Ltd
  • Electricity Bills
The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Ltd
  • Gas Bills
Other Bills
AIA International Limited
  • Premium Payment Bills**
China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company Limited
  • Premium Payment Bills (Except Initial Premium)
  • Telecom Bills
Prudential Hong Kong Limited
  • Premium Payment Bills
Senior Citizen Home Safety Association
  • Personal Emergency Link Service Bills
WTT HK Limited
  • Telecom Bills

* Fixed penalty is not accepted in all mobile post offices

** USD cheque is accepted