Latest arrangements for postal services in Kwai Chung Estate and Kwai Fuk Court


Hongkong Post announced today (January 27) that in view of the epidemic situation in Kwai Chung Estate, the suspension of counter services at Kwai Chung Post Office and mail delivery services to Kwai Chung Estate (including the Kwai Chung Estate iPostal Station) and Kwai Fuk Court will continue until February 3.

Members of the public can have access to postal services at the post offices in the vicinity, including Kwai Fong Post Office or Kwai Shing Post Office. The retention period for mail items to be collected at Kwai Chung Post Office will be adjusted correspondingly.

For enquiry on the arrangement of the counter and delivery services mentioned above, members of the public may call the Hongkong Post enquiry hotline at 2921 2222.