Hongkong Post to issue "Movie Scenic Locations in Hong Kong" special stamps


Hongkong Post today (November 19) announced that a set of four stamps with the theme "Movie Scenic Locations in Hong Kong", together with associated philatelic products, will be released for sale on December 2 (Thursday). In this stamp issue, Santa Claus goes to various filming locations in Hong Kong, savouring the excellent plots of movies and admiring the cityscape of Hong Kong with its unique blend of Chinese and Western cultures.

In the world of motion pictures, many classic movies were set in the streets of Hong Kong. The scenes hold unspeakable affection and carry with them unforgettable memories. This set of four stamps features Santa Claus, who embarks on a journey to Hong Kong's popular filming locations to experience the authentic culture of Hong Kong. In the stamps, Santa Claus and a gingerbread man go singing and dancing in Kau U Fong in Central, bringing joy to the neighbourhood. In a flash, they go to fly through the sky over Two International Finance Centre, distributing gifts of love over Hong Kong. Moving onwards, they visit a popular check-in place - the courtyard of "Monster Building", where a group of five densely packed tower blocks lean against each other, creating a distinctive city landscape. After the busy work, Santa Claus goes to the Jumbo Floating Restaurant on a shuttle ferry to meet up with his friends to share the joy of the journey.

The presentation pack depicts funny moments with the gingerbread man holding a loudhailer and a movie clapperboard like a movie director on the inner page. He also boards an iconic red-sail Chinese junk with Santa Claus and pretends to film, highlighting the theme of "Movie Scenic Locations in Hong Kong". On the souvenir sheet, Santa Claus poses as the golden statuette of the Hong Kong Film Awards, bringing joy and laughter to everyone.

Starting from December 2, this set of special stamps and associated philatelic products, including a first day cover (for sale separately from today), mint stamps, a souvenir sheet and a presentation pack, will be put on sale at all post offices, while the serviced first day covers and postage prepaid picture cards (air mail) will be available at philatelic offices only.

Information about this set of special stamps and associated philatelic products is available on the Hongkong Post Stamps website (stamps.hongkongpost.hk) and in the "ShopThruPost" mobile app.


Photo shows the mint stamps and the special postmark

Photo shows the mint stamps and the special postmark.

Photo shows the souvenir sheet

Photo shows the souvenir sheet.

Photo shows the first day cover

Photo shows the first day cover.

Photo shows presentation pack

Photo shows presentation pack.

Photo shows postage prepaid picture cards (air mail)

Photo shows postage prepaid picture cards (air mail).