Hongkong Post to issue "180th Anniversary of Hong Kong Postal Service" commemorative stamps


Since the establishment of the first post office in 1841, Hongkong Post has been committed to providing efficient and reliable postal services to the public. 2021 marks a significant moment of Hong Kong's postal service on its 180th anniversary. To mark this special occasion, a commemorative stamp issue on the theme of "180th Anniversary of Hong Kong Postal Service" and associated philatelic products will be released on August 25 (Wednesday).

The set of six stamps showcases the development of the postal service, its evolution in the postal landscape for over a century and the efforts to provide customers with diversified services. The $2 and $2.6 stamps depict the old General Post Office building and a postman delivering mail for a Chinese tenement building respectively, while the $3.4 and $3.7 stamps present the mail processing flow. The $4.90 and $5 stamps then illustrate a number of smart postal facilities newly launched or in the pipeline, reflecting that Hongkong Post keeps abreast with the times and is taking strides towards a new era of smart postal services.

In addition, various signs and symbols are used to connect the stamps of different denominations, signifying Hongkong Post's persistence in rolling out innovative postal services that make greater use of technology throughout the 180 years to cater for the ever-changing needs of customers.

Starting from August 25, this set of commemorative stamps and associated philatelic products, including a first day cover, mint stamps, a souvenir sheet, a presentation pack and a serviced first day cover will be put on sale at post offices.

Information about this commemorative stamp issue and associated philatelic products is available on the Hongkong Post Stamps website (stamps.hongkongpost.hk) or the ShopThruPost mobile app.


Photo shows the mint stamps, souvenir sheet and special postmark

Photo shows the mint stamps, souvenir sheet and special postmark.

Photo shows the first day covers

Photo shows the first day covers.

Photo shows the presentation pack

Photo shows the presentation pack.