Smart Post


Hongkong Post today (April 28) announced the launch of a new local mail service which is available for posting from today. The new service, called Smart Post, will provide Hongkong Post with customers an economical local mail delivery solution with basic track-and-trace functions for mail items, along with email notification of their mail acceptance and delivery status, and a choice of mail delivery or counter collection to suit their preferences.

This economical new service will enjoy Hongkong Post's usual high standard of domestic delivery. In addition, it will give customers more control over the entire delivery process. The service will be especially useful for anyone who shops online.

Smart Post is especially convenient for those waiting for items to arrive. Recipients can choose Counter Collection Service to pick up their mail items from Hongkong Post's extensive post office network rather than having to wait at home or work for the item to be delivered. Recipients just need to bring with them the collection code and mail item number for instant uplift.

Smart Post allows customers to arrange postings according to their own preferred schedule. This is done through a platform, an online tool operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, that allows users to prepare their posting document online, at any time and wherever they are. Both senders and recipients can check the delivery status of their items online at any place or time. The Smart Post also sends out emails telling users when their items have been delivered.

Smart Post will meet a definite need in Hong Kong. For local users, it will provide an economical and easier alternative to the local registration service. It is an important step forward in utilising new online mail developments for the benefit of Hong Kong.

Information about Smart Post is available on Hongkong Post's website at and the Hongkong Post mobile app.