Latest arrangements on Hongkong Post services


In response to the latest development of the spread of the novel coronavirus, Hongkong Post announced today (February 15) the arrangements on postal services from February 17 to February 23 following the service adjustment announced earlier on February 11.

The volume of inbound mail for this week (i.e. February 10 to February 15) continues to outpace the usual volume by 70 per cent to 80 per cent, around 70 per cent of which is Speedpost items and about 40 000 of the items contain surgical masks. Despite that, Hongkong Post completed the delivery of this batch of mail within this week, and foresees that the mail volume will continue to stay at a high level and that the number of items containing surgical masks will remain more or less the same.

In view of the urgent public need for these items, and that such items are generally larger in size, Hongkong Post will completely resume daily mail delivery service from Monday to Saturday for the following week. Hongkong Post will also maintain normal posting and delivery service for Speedpost items from Monday through Saturday to facilitate the delivery of such items received during this period. Hongkong Post will continue to uphold the principle of according top priority in processing Speedpost items containing surgical masks. Hongkong Post will also call the recipients prior to delivery to ascertain their choice for door delivery or collection from the post office.

In view of the increasing demand for counter services by the public, all post offices will continue to open from 11am to 3pm from Monday to Friday and 9.30am to 1pm on Saturday, during which all forms of counter services will be available (mobile post office services will be suspended). Mail collection from posting boxes will be maintained on alternate days.

As the opening hours of post offices have been shortened, members of the public requiring counter services may expect a longer waiting time. Meanwhile, services for inbound and outbound mail may be subject to delays due to the reduction in the flight frequencies of airlines. Members of the public are advised to visit the Hongkong Post website ( for the latest updates.

Hongkong Post will review the arrangements on postal services from time to time and make necessary adjustments taking into account of the mail volume.

For further enquiries, please call the Hongkong Post Enquiry Hotline at 2921 2222.