Hongkong Post response to media enquiries


In response to the media enquiry on the case of a driver of our contractor having his family member confirmed with novel coronavirus infection, Hongkong Post today (February 15) gave a reply as follows:

Hongkong Post was notified by a driver of our contractor serving Chai Wan Delivery Office (CWDO) at about 8am yesterday (February 14), saying that a family member living with him was confirmed with novel coronavirus infection in early hours of the day. He has already gone for medical examination at Ruttonjee Hospital on his own initiative and is now waiting for the test result. The driver in question did not go for work at CWDO today.

The driver in question is responsible for driving duties for CWDO. Working for three hours every morning, he is responsible for transporting mail bags and postal staff around the Eastern District from Tai Koo Shing to Siu Sai Wan. The driver needs not work in CWDO or come into contact with mail items or work for any delivery duties. Neither does he park his vehicle in CWDO after he discharges his duties every day.

After receiving the above notification this morning, Hongkong Post conducted a briefing on the case for our CWDO staff. We instantly traced the source and it showed that a total of 18 CWDO staff took a ride on the vehicle in question since service resumption on February 3. For the sake of safety, while awaiting the test result of the Department of Health, we have arranged the relevant staff to rest at home. In parallel, we also immediately sought advice from the Centre for Health Protection, which advised us to continue to clean our workplace with 1:99 diluted household bleach. We will also arrange for disinfection of CWDO tonight. Staff of CWDO have also been briefed of the whole situation.

Hongkong Post reiterates that we have always been much concerned about the occupational health and safety of our staff and will continue to provide surgical masks, alcohol swabs and other gears for their protection. Time and again, we appeal to our staff for attaching great importance on personal hygiene and advise them to rest at home and go for medical consultation at once in case of feeling unwell.

Delivery service of CWDO will remain normal.