Hongkong Post responds to media enquiries


In response to the media enquiries about the mail handling situation of the Air Mail Centre (AMC), Hongkong Post’s reply is as follows:

Hongkong Post has made an announcement today that posting and delivery of outbound and inbound Speedpost items will be maintained during the period between February 3 and 8 ( Monday to Saturday).

Despite the Government announcement made earlier about the implementation of a special work arrangement for government departments after the Lunar New Year holidays (i.e. from January 29) so as to reduce the risk of the spread of the novel coronavirus in the community as far as possible, Hongkong Post has still maintained normal delivery services for inbound Speedpost items to strike a balance between the public needs and the well-being of our staff. We have also arranged our staff to work shifts for mail sorting and delivery and taken initiatives to locate for items with contents declared to be surgical masks for priority delivery.

In general, the AMC only maintains acceptance of inbound mail items during Sundays. Thanks to the unfailing support of our staff, we have arranged for additional manpower and extra working hours for tomorrow (i.e. February 2) to handle and arrange sorting of urgent inward mail items. We will continue to uphold the principle of according a higher priority for surgical masks and arrange for their delivery in the first instance.

We estimate that the number of mail items containing surgical masks accounts for about 25% of inward urgent items pending delivery, i.e. about 3000 items. It is estimated that delivery of these items will complete by next Monday, i.e. February 3.