"A Moment in Time - 20 Years On" - Hongkong Post unveils exciting new stamps for 2017


Hongkong Post today (September 14) announced details of the Special Stamps Issuing Programme 2017 and the 2017 Local Standing Order Service (LSOS).

With their diverse themes reflecting Hong Kong's unique East-meets-West characteristics, as well as attractive stamp designs, the special stamps and associated philatelic products for release in 2017 under the theme of "A Moment in Time - 20 Years On" will offer something fascinating for everyone. The 2017 Special Stamps Issuing Programme also sees Hongkong Post's first application of augmented reality (AR) technology in stamp designs, injecting an interactive element to offer a novel philatelic experience to both veteran stamp collectors and newcomers.

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Hongkong Post will celebrate this historic moment with a commemorative stamp issue. Hongkong Post's Lunar New Year series and the "World Heritage in China" series are all-time favourites. The issue of the "Year of the Rooster" stamps and the "Kaiping Diaolou and Villages" stamp sheetlet in 2017 will be eagerly awaited by philatelists as well as the general public. The "Paintings and Calligraphy of Professor JAO Tsung-i" stamp issue will enlighten the mind and soul. "Bamboo Carvings" in the "Hong Kong Museums Collection" highlights the exquisite artisanship of bamboo carvers, and the "Qipao" stamps reflect oriental charm. With the application of AR technology in the stamps of "Revitalisation of Historic Buildings in Hong Kong II" and "Children Stamps - The Five Senses", Hongkong Post is tapping the potential of technology to broaden the appeal of its special stamps to a wider audience.

The "Outdoor Fun" stamps will feature six outdoor and leisure activities with top popularity ratings from an online "My Favourite Outdoor Recreational and Leisure Activities" voting exercise organised by Hongkong Post earlier. The "Rare and Precious Plants in Hong Kong" stamps show the splendid variety of flora found in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong. The "Hong Kong Shopping Streets" stamps highlight the local flavours of six themed shopping streets. The "100 Years of Numbered Typhoon Signals" stamps show the evolution of the typhoon warning system over the past century.

Advance orders for the Programme can be placed through Hongkong Post's LSOS from today onwards. Those who do so from today to October 31 are eligible to join an incentive scheme and receive attractive gifts. People who order online through Hongkong Post's online stamp advance ordering platform Stamp OnNet (www.stamponnet.hongkongpost.hk) will enjoy extra bonus points.

Further information about the special stamp issues and associated philatelic products in the 2017 Special Stamps Issuing Programme can be obtained from any post office and the Hongkong Post website at www.hongkongpost.hk, or by calling the Hongkong Post Philatelic Bureau hotline at 2785 5711.

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